“Liberian People Don’t Scare Car; They Scare Rain”

By Dennis Jah

The climate of Liberia in sub-Sahara Africa is warm and humid all year round. The two major seasons are the Rainy Season which runs from May to October with an average rainfall of 70 inches of rain and the Dry Season which runs from November to April. During the rain, many use umbrellas rain coats etc. Ladies will cover their hair with plastic bags or anything that will protect their hairs from the rain. When rain fall is intermittent especially during the months of July and August, you will see many especially in Monrovia and its environs running from the rain to find cover either under roofs, in cars or buildings. And after the rain stops, they would resume their daily routines again. In a crowded city of Monrovia, especially around commercial centers like market grounds, many walk even as commercial and non-commercial vehicles without any consideration of the traffic. Comparing how they normally run from the rain and how they will not care but put the onus on the driver of vehicles to stop their cars or slow because of a pedestrians crossing, it is normally said that Liberians are afraid of rain falling on them but are not afraid of being run over by speeding vehicles or simply put “Liberian people don’t scare car, they scare rain.” I first heard this from conductors of commercial vehicles or car boys and drivers who normally complain about such behavior.


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