After prolong negative stereotypes and the suspicion of others based on those stereotypes, we a group of level headed Liberians decided to do something about it.

There are bad stereotypes about each group in Liberia. Just where do these come from and how can they be debunked or their effect neutralized? As we embark on a new road for tomorrow’s Liberia, it makes sense to bring these various stereotypes to the front burner, discuss them and debunk them. We all know the impact they have on all of us and as such we can help take away that negative effect.

Here are a few examples of some ethnic stereotypes:

  • “All they want to be is NOKKO or join the army”
  • “They sold their country for smoke fish”
  • “They are fire coal eaters”
  • “They make the smallest farms”
  • “They don’t like their girls to marry outside their tribe”
  • “They are rotten feet people”
  • “They like dead body business”
  • “They like big book and carry different color pens in their front pocket”
  • “They have problem with pronouncing the letters R and L”

A group of sound-minded and forward thinking Liberians came together to carry on this project to have a compendium of such stereotype on a website or blog. The goal is to keep the peace among all Liberian ethnic groups. Bottom line- if you know what makes some one angry, you will not do that particular thing to them or you will be very careful how to discuss such topic around them. This can even help people traveling to Liberia on what to say and not to say. It is hope that this discussion positively contribute in salvaging ethnic and religious tensions in Liberia or bad jokes which can easily degenerate into  bitter arguments and conflicts.


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